Asia Match Co Pvt Ltd
Pioneer Asia had its small beginnings in 1945. It has grown well with ---times and has adapted to mechanization. The group today is the Second largest manufacturer of safety matches in India producing more than 10 Million match boxes per day. Production is carried out by State-of-art Arenco machines from Sweden.

Pioneer Asia is solely responsible for popularizing wax matches in India. The group has also established wax matches factories in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Madagascar, Kenya and Tanzania.

Under The Match Makers brand, we manufacture Fancy Matches in various sizes and designs and meet 95% of the requirements of Hotels in India.

Export has been given a big thrust and more than 30 containers of quality safety matches is being exported to East Africa, Central Africa, Western Africa, Australia, Europe & South America.

Matches under European Standards are being marketed in European Union and the Eastern Block Countries.

Pioneer Asia is a member of the Asia Pacific Match Manufacturers Association (APMA) which meets every year to discuss global trends in the Industry.

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Asia Match Company Pvt. Ltd.
Boopathy Buildings,
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Sivakasi - 626 123, India.
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